We crave more because our body is starved for vitamins and minerals.  Focus on adding one or two servings of vegetables at each meal.  They will crowd out your cravings for unhealthy foods, just like that! BAMM! Yes, moms are always right-we do need to eat our veggies! 🙂

Eating healthy foods can crown out the sugary junk foods.  Vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals, and we can eat a lot without gaining weight.  Your body has less room for processed, sugary, nutrient-deficient foods.  Once you start adding these foods to your diet, your body will naturally begin to crave them.  It takes practice, but it does happen.  It is amazing from my own experience and of my clients’ experiences when the taste buds change.  It is so exciting to crave healthy food!

It’s hard to eat five fruits and vegetables a day and binge on ice cream at the end of the day.  The body can only take so much food.  If you fill your body with healthy, nutrient-dense foods, cravings for unhealthy foods will lesson substantially.

Processed foods are rich in simple sugars but deficient in nutrients.  Sugar is fuel for cells, but the cells need vitamins and minerals to do their jobs properly.  People are craving more and more food because their cells are staving for vitamins and minerals, suffering from malnutrition.

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