Most people are chronically dehydrated.  We often mistake thirst for hunger.  The first sign of dehydration is thirst, so we need to be listening to our body’s signals.

Would you be more comfortable adding certain foods to your diet rather than cutting out sugar?  Crowding out, one of the central concepts taught at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, occurs when you add certain foods to your diet to crowd out the unhealthy cravings.  An example is drinking more water and eating more greens to help control cravings.

A good measure of how much water you should drink per day is to take your body weight divided by two and change that number to ounces.  For example, if you weight 160 pounds then around 80 ounces of water would be the right place to start.  The amount of water will probably increase if you are exercising or out in the heat.

Studies show that people who drink two glasses of water before meals feel fuller and eat less.

Our body naturally detoxes overnight, but we tend not to drink enough water to flush those toxins out.  I recommend to drink a full glass upon waking, anytime you feel hungry, before snacking, and about 20-30 minutes before each meal.

If you’re not used to drinking water regularly, try initially replacing just one of your other drinks (such as a sugary drink or coffee) with a glass of fresh water.  I used to be addicted to coffee!

Keep a check on your urine.  As a guide, it should be plentiful, pale in color and odorless.

Have fun with your water, add fresh berries, mint, cucumbers, lemon or essential oils to add more flavor.

Most people drink cold water, but you can mix it up and drink hot water with fresh lemon and ginger.  Lemon water is my go-to drink when I wake up in the morning…such a perfect way to start the day!

Drink green or herbal tea and experiment with different flavors.  They have a natural sweetness to them, my favorite tea is Yogi Egyptian Licorice, and Yogi Bedtime.  They both have licorice in them and it helps when I’m having cravings for sweet.

Determine a good strategy to add more water to your diet.  Everyone is different so experiment to see what works for you.  Some people use phone apps, others pre measure their estimated daily intake, a simple strategy could  be to start with eight rubber bands on a drinking glass/container and take one off after each time you refill.

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