We think differently when we eat meat, eat broccoli, drink coffee, drink alcohol or eat sugar, right?

Our food goes into our stomach, and as it gets digested, it gets absorbed into our blood.

Research and personal experience both demonstrate that what we eat affects how we think and how we act.

Stop and think for a moment about how you feel throughout the day.  Do you sometimes feel like you have brain fog and are tired after lunch?  Are you angry and irritable between meals?  Or maybe you’re energized by a great meal?

Feel the difference in the moods that prompt you to eat certain kinds of foods.  What is your mood craving?

The Standard American Diet (SAD), funny the acronym is SAD, is high in processed carb and poor-quality meat while lacking in vegetables and water.  SAD leaves many people in a bad mood.  It’s hard to feel inspired and happy when you’re living on chemical, artificial junk food.  Many nutritionists refer to this relationship as the law of malnutrition.  Someone could be overweight, but also malnourished.

People want to be lifted out of a bad mood (and gain energy), but the irony is that these foods are a big part of the problem.  When your blood sugar goes up, you get that “woo-hoo” good feeling, but then it crashes down, and you are in a vicious cycle since you need to eat more to feel the temporary good.  Starting today, with an action plan and support, you can get off this sugar rollercoaster for good.

Each person’s food sensitivity varies; this is called Bio-individuality.  A certain food could be good for one person and for another person the food is like poison,  Every single person is different; most people need to drink more water, eat more veggies, sleep more, move more, but when it comes to behavior change and to truly figure out which foods are best for you, each person is different.  It is amazing to help people feel good in their own bodies-maybe get rid of anxiety, stop binge eating or reduce pain in their body.  We have the freedom to choose foods that will nourish us and live the full life we have always imagined.

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