Our bodies are sending us messages through discomfort or food cravings that need to be decoded. Trust your body and listen to your cravings as your new BFF.  We may crave certain food such as sugar when we are dissatisfied with a relationship, feel bored, stressed, or uninspired.  Do you need a hug, a pleasant walk, a glass of water, or an apple with almond butter?  Listen to your body as it tells you what you actually need.

Have you been spending too much time in front of a computer screen?  Not been drinking enough water?  Drinking too much wine?  Messages are too important for us to ignore.

Some of my clients keep a craving journal; they rate their cravings from 1 to 10 and note their thoughts and type of cravings they are having.  The first step is awareness of these cravings and thinking about why we may be having them.

Cravings are not the problem – Listen to what your body is telling you!

We have been taught to believe that our inability to stick with a diet is our fault, a flaw in our body and our will.

When we give in to our cravings, many feel guilty and worthless.

Cravings are not a weakness.  In reality, they are important messages meant to help us maintain balance.  It all comes down to trusting our bodies instead of thinking of our cravings as an enemy to be ignored.  Think of a craving as a best friend telling you a secret.

What are your cravings telling you?

Treat Yourself Well!



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