Tip #15 – HAVE A PLAN

Whether you bring your snacks and lunch to work or planning to go to a restaurant, have a plan for what you will eat and when you will exercise throughout the day to keep you on track.  When the decision has already been made, it is easier to follow when those weak moments come.

When is your weakest time of day?  Start a plan for that time period first and have healthy resources available.  For me it’s mid afternoon when I crave something sweet.  When I’m craving sweets, making a cup of Egyptian Licorice tea satisfies my sweet tooth.  Having a plan may help you avoid running out to a coffee shop for a quick pick-me-up, saving time, money, and your health.  You could bring your favorite snack, mine is an organic apple with some nut butter or mixed nuts for a tasty afternoon snack.

Going to a work function or summer BBQ, load up on a salad or veggies before you go, so you don’t mindlessly eat a lot of junk foods.  Choose the foods with the most nutrients in them.  If a potluck, bring kale or quinoa salad, something YOU can eat and would also enjoy.

Know where to get healthy quick meals for when you didn’t make a plan.  This could be from a nearby restaurant or grocery stores with salad bars or deli counters.  If possible, review menu ahead of time (before you are hungry) to decide what is best to order, especially important when you are taking out a client and may not have as much time to review the menu at the table.  Think real food.  If you want to indulge, ask a friend to share your meals when dining out.

Sure hope you’ve picked up some new tips and have implemented new habits over the past few months.  Let me know if I could be of service to dig deeper, setting up a one-on-one health history with health coaching to follow is good way to do this, just contact me for further details.

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