Tip #14 – GET MOVING

Many people wake up, sit in their cars in rush hour, spend all day sitting at their desk working, jump in their cars for the commute home, then collapse on their couch for the rest of the evening…

Does this sound familiar?  If it does, you could be putting your health at risk.  Have you heard how sitting is now known as the new smoking?  Yes, it is serious!  It is best to avoid sitting for extended periods of time.

Cravings for sugar or alcohol are typical signals that you may need to get moving more.

If you’re thinking, “It’s okay-I go to the gym after work or on my lunch break,” then you may be in for a surprise.  Research has shown that going to the gym after work or on your lunch break does not completely counteract the effects of a sedentary workday.  Fear not…the good news is that movement throughout the day can help, even if the moves are minor.  You can squeeze in extra activity during your day, you just need to think about it differently.

Do any type of physical activity everyday.  Find movement or exercise’s you enjoy.  Not only will your muscles thank you for it, but it will improve circulation, making you less tired.

Physical activity has long been linked to a range of health conditions, and emerging research shows that sitting or long periods of time doesn’t just lead to a more prominent  waistline, but can result in some serious illnesses.

Energy creates more energy, so when you feel like you’re about to fall asleep, get up, take a walk, and get some sunlight.

Set a timer, mark your calendar, and use bright Post-it’s to remind yourself to move.  Experiment to see what works best.  A easy start s to use a stand-up desk for part of your workday.  Some other ideas could be to have walking meetings, walk with a co-worker at lunch, or walk for two minutes every hour.  Park further away from the entrance, get off one stop earlier on bus or train.  Stretch!

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