Foods such as meat, milk, sugar, and salt have extreme effects on the body.  Seek out less extreme and healthier alternatives to satisfy you, such as vegetables.

Your body naturally wants to be balanced.  The food we eat is a major contributing factor to the overall balance of the body.

Vegetables and whole grains have mild effects on the body.  Other foods such as meat, milk, sugar, and salt have more extreme effects on the body, throwing off its natural balance.  The body craves whatever the body needs to regain balance.  For example, eating a lot of meat may cause more sugar cravings.  Many Americans are on a salty-sweet rollercoaster.  I was on a wild ride myself up until I took charge of my own health.

To get out of the cycle, you need to deconstruct what you are craving and seek out less extreme, healthier alternatives to satisfy you.

Your body is struggling to create balance, harmony, and happiness.  Cravings are the body’s solution to underlying imbalances.

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