Many people complain about low energy, fatigue through the day, weight gain, bloating, cravings – all kinds of yucky things! One of the first things I suggest to my clients is what I call the breakfast experiment. Interestingly, many women are setting themselves up for blood sugar disaster by eating yogurt, granola, cereal and other “health” foods for breakfast. The fact is that these common breakfast items are actually very high in sugar and cause your blood sugar to spike quickly. When this happens first thing in the morning, you’re setting yourself up for a day of cravings and energy dips.
Instead, spend a week figuring out your perfect breakfast. Eat something different each morning and track what happens through your day. Try different options like yogurt one day, eggs another, a protein smoothie, toast with almond butter, even a half of chicken breast if you’re up for it. Keep an eye on your energy levels throughout the day and you’ll get clear on what you need in the morning to stay focused and strong all day long. And don’t be surprised if your perfect breakfast is something non-traditional – it’s all about finding what’s right for you!
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