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About Susanne

My passionate goal is to be a support in the healing of addictions, primarily sugar.  By shifting some lifestyle, dietary habits, and old beliefs patterns, change was possible, I have acquired many rewarding years of thriving in a life I love, and I believe it is obtainable for all.

After spending decades in the bakery business, crafting pastries the conventional way, with sugar, flour, and butter.   I started to have a feeling of misalignment in my life.  Something was missing… I didn’t believe in the products I was selling any longer, became physically sick, and was completely burnt out.  The fast pace I found myself in was wearing me down and I felt I was in a continuous downward spiral.  Clearly, I needed to make some changes.

Thanks to my inherent meticulous and imaginative approach to food development, I made the decision to change careers, first by selling my bakery business and then beginning a new course of study of integrative nutrition.  I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I learned about cutting edge nutrition research and how profoundly food effects are on our bodies.   Armed with a vast knowledge base of nutrition and lifestyle ideas presented by these studies, I redirected my energy toward the development of nutritious treats which I named The Good Cooky!

The success and interest of the benefits of The Good Cooky treats persuaded me in the idea that I wanted to do more than just sell a healthier cookie.

The conceptual foundation of The Good Cooky has now transformed into the desire to demonstrate and educate.   I want to spread the word of how proper nutrition, reduction of toxin exposure, and making some lifestyle changes can have profound impacts on our health, as it has been for myself and countless others.

This journey has done so much more than simply teach me about the ability of proper nutrition, it has taught me the ability our bodies have to heal, drug free, given the chance!  By embracing these concepts, I have been able to heal my IBS symptoms of 25 years, overcome addiction, banish brain fog, relieve chronic arthritis and joint pain, and gain the ability to tune-in to my intuition.

What people are saying about The Good Cooky

My top three goals, improved fluid intake, white sugar decrease and increased non-processed snacks, were met by working with Susanne as my coach.  She was both positive and knowledgeable, with practical and realistic advice.  I was able to make meaningful and measurable changes that were easily incorporated into my daily routine.  My most significant overall change has been an improved complexion!  If your somewhat healthy and are looking for vitality, or just starting on the path to a healthier living, I would recommend Susanne.
~ Kristin

Susanne helped me identify awareness of my choices around nutrition, what I put in my body, and how it affects me.  I now think about the foods I’m eating.  My biggest tangible changes were the ability to listen to my body, resolving digestion issues, and the knowledge of healthy food prep with her guidance of how to cook.  With her loving, supportive, and attentive approach to my needs, I would recommend her for anyone looking to make dietary and lifestyle changes.
~ Maggie

Adopting a better lifestyle and making better food choices to incorporate into my daily routine were my top goals as I began coaching with Susanne.  She provided exceptional resources, guides, and tips, along with some amazing practical and simple recipes.  Susanne is both intuitive and knowledgeable in her expertise and lifestyle approach.  She is a great listener and “in-tune” at what YOU want to change and helps meet those goals.  Not only is it healthy eating, it’s a healthier way of living I’ve been able to reclaim – taking walks, exercise, breathe work, and mediation.
~ Lina


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